Fulton UK

Fulton is synonymous with heat transfer solutions and produces an unrivalled range of multi-fuel-fired steam and hot water boiler solutions. But, with a range of thermal oil systems the company should also be considered a major provider of thermal fluid solutions.

Fulton’s thermal fluid heaters feature a four-pass, high-efficiency design that pre-heats combustion air. Their compact construction can, like many Fulton systems, be skid-mounted with ancillaries; and includes models with heat outputs to 3500kW and standard operating temperatures of 345°C (400°C is also available with optional heater enhancements and suitable thermal fluids).

Fulton’s FT-N features a compact, vertical design with the capacity to operate at temperatures up to 340°C and with heat outputs from 22kW to 504kW. The FT-C offers outputs from 235kW to an impressive 4.1mW and operating temperatures to 345°C. Its largest heater, the horizontal FT-HC, provides heat outputs from 0.7mW to 5.9mW and operating temperatures to 345°C. While the largest in terms of heat output, the FT-HC is still compact and can, like Fulton’s other thermal heaters, be packaged as a skid-mounted system and is available with low emission gas burners and alternative fuel capabilities.

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  Product Sizes Certifications

FT-C Vertical Coil Design

235kW – 4.1MW

FT-N Vertical Electric Design

22kW – 500kW

FT-HC Horizontal Coil Design

0.7MW – 5.9MW