Fulton UK

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The Fulton Dragon is a highly efficient boiler and is designed to meet the requirements of users with a smaller steam demand.

The six models (18kW to 72kW) in the company’s Dragon range provide steam pressure at 10.34 barg. The extremely compact range is used extensively in laundry and dry cleaning, food and drink, industrial processing, hospitals and laboratories, steam rooms and pilot plants, in the garment industry and for humidification.

The Dragon range is fitted with low watt density “Incoloy” elements that can be operated independently to allow boiler output to match steam demand. Safety and operating controls are mounted on the front panel, allowing easy access. Each element can be operated independently, giving the user flexible control over steam outputs.

  • 6 Models: 18 kW - 72 kW
  • Outputs: 29 kg/h - 115 kg/h (F&A 100°C)
  • Operating Pressure: 10.34 barg
  • Long Life Incoloy Elements
  • Feed Pump Incorporated
  • Robust Epoxy/Polyester Powder Coated Finish
  • Five Year Guarantee on Pressure Vessel