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Guidance on the Safe Operation of Boilers (BG01), compiled jointly by the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA), the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The document replaces PM5 and PSG2 guidance notes from the HSE and SAFed respectively.

BG01 provides boiler operators and managers with up-to-date advice on the safe operation of boilers, and boiler control technology and runs in parallel with the HSE's Safe management of industrial steam and hot water boilers (INDG436). It gives specific advice about how to achieve the safety standards laid out in the HSE document.

BG01 takes into account evolving control technology, such as remote monitoring, not covered by the previous documents. It advises on a wide range of control options and recommends that personnel receive adequate training to perform their job safely and competently. BG01 recommends that operators and managers are suitably trained.

Fulton provides a number of training courses in the following areas:

• Steam Plant Operations and Routines

• Steam System Awareness and Monitoring

• Water Testing and Management

These training courses can be tailored to suit customer requirements. We have a training facility at our Bristol headquarters but find training at the customer's site; using the plant the training is required for; especially beneficial. 

A technical information sheet on the 'Guidance on Complying with BG01' is available from the Downloads section of this website.