Fulton UK

World MapSince Fulton's establishment in 1949 we have continuously strived to improve and expand our capabilities, both in production as well as customer service. Fulton's continued growth has led to the development of new product lines and manufacturing facilities to meet the needs of a growing customer base.

We utilise the best craftsmen worldwide so that we can continue to provide our customers with products and solutions that meet their needs, wherever those needs may be.

Global Solutions for a Global Market

Collectively, the Fulton Companies currently employ more than 650 people in ten manufacturing facilities located across three continents. The company remains a privately held family business with all Fulton companies wholly owned and managed by the Fulton Group. Both design and manufacturing resources are shared and coordinated around the world, so regardless of where your Fulton product comes from, you can count on it being produced at a quality that is second to none.

Fulton Ltd (UK)

Fulton 50Since 1949 Fulton's original invention of the tubeless boiler has been the premier small steam boiler across the globe. Fulton Boiler Works, Inc. remains the number one manufacturer of tubeless boilers with well over 100,000 in service. Today Fulton manufactures vertical tubeless boilers, electric boilers, condensate return systems, as well other custom products. The demand for small, tubeless steam boilers in the United Kingdom led to the formation of Fulton Ltd. in Bristol, in 1966 and the company has been the leader in small steam boilers in this market ever since. Today, the business has expanded into larger horizontal boilers, as well as boiler plant rooms, which are containerised heat transfer systems that ease the installation and start up for contractors. Fulton is expanding into the hot water, biomass, and combined heat and power markets with the ability to produce containerised solutions.

Fulton Thermal Corporation

Started in 1971, Fulton Thermal Corporation began by pioneering the use of high temperature thermal fluid in laundries. FTC is the premier manufacturer of thermal fluid heat transfer systems for a wide range of applications. FTC has expanded into heat transfer products and systems of all types for commercial and industrial markets around the world. The ability to integrate a vast array of boilers and heaters with ancillary equipment into a reliable functioning turnkey solution economically is one of the reasons Fulton Thermal continues to grow in the process heat industry.

Fulton China

Fulton China was created in 1994 to take advantage of the rapidly growing economy of China. Since then, Fulton China has developed new products and expanded facilities to become the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial boilers in China with more than 500,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space. In addition to increasing the size capacity to large industrial (firetube & watertube) boilers, Fulton China has the ability to manufacture any product currently in the Fulton product portfolio. Fulton China also maintains the necessary code approvals to be able to provide boilers to all regions of the globe.

Fulton Heating Solutions

Fulton Heating Solutions was formed in 1994 to concentrate our efforts within the hydronic (hot water) heating market. The high efficiency, self venting, and other unique features (no burner, no fan motor, modulation, etc.) of our Pulse Combustion technology has enabled dramatic savings in fuel for thousands of users since the company's inception. Fulton Heating Solutions is now a full line manufacturer of high efficiency heating boilers as well as control systems to optimize efficiency and reliability. Products include high efficiency steel condensing boilers, copperfin boilers, and condensing aluminum boilers as well as ModSync multiple boiler system controls.